Advising, Financing and Selling Early to Mid-Stage Companies

Growth and Development

With our breadth of experience and industry contacts, 20/20 Capital Group is well positioned to raise debt and equity capital for its clients, as well as provide valuable input in business plan development, identification and implementation of strategic partnerships and business model review. Also, we can assist in identifying and negotiating acquisitions, and implementing strategically or financially compelling divestitures and/or company sales.

While 20/20 can provide its services in many industries, we are especially experienced in energy (including renewables, clean energy, natural gas conversions, and energy efficiency), environmental services and technologies, water and waste water, utilities and communications.

Additionally, 20/20 has many energy efficiency and fuel switching companies as clients, where the company has developed financing solutions for their governmental and non-governmental clients. 20/20 clients include heavy energy users, whose needs often necessitate the creation of financing structures for large-scale energy projects.

Consulting and Advisory

20/20 Capital Group offers a variety of C-level and Board level consulting services, including:

  • Weighing in on key hire decisions
  • Assessing personnel needs
  • Advising on the most promising technology platforms
  • Thinking through succession planning
  • Assisting with long-term financial exit strategy plans, including those with strategically-relevant third parties
  • Transfer of groups of investments from one owner to another owner

Double-quote symbol20/20 Capital Group opened up a strategic dialog with a well-positioned strategic partner, ultimately culminating in a strategic financing and commercial relationship.

Skip Hauser, CEO, Venture Management Group (VMG), Orlando, FL

Business Restructuring or Termination

Recognizing that as many as two out of three companies fail, 20/20 Capital Group is very active in assisting owners of early to mid-stage companies radically restructure and monetize the assets remaining in un-fundable companies. Our team, through creative, speedy initiatives provide the assistance owners need to "recycle" risk capital for use in other ventures. We provide a level of separation between our client and its invested company, in troubled situations.

We have found that in absence of our services, owners, often simply "hand over the keys" of the struggling business to the last few employees and receive no return of capital. 20/20 Capital Group works hard (and smart) to return capital that would otherwise be lost. In addition to monetizing current assets, such as accounts receivable, work in process and inventory, 20/20 Capital specializes in finding appropriate buyers for:

  • Developed intellectual property (IP)
  • On-going pilot projects
  • Complex work-in-process contracts
  • Thinking through succession planning
  • Extracting value from defendants on IP infringements
  • Run-off of groups of investments, or transfer of such investments to another owner

While 20/20 Capital Group works to provide the best possible outcome for its clients, it is respectful toward existing employees and entrepreneurs.

Our work for clients is structured as a service engagement, or the outright purchase of a troubled business from existing owners. Often, there are no out of pocket expenses for our clients, and the payment arrangement is a sharing of the proceeds of the monetized business, or some other negotiated arrangement.