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Double-quote icon20/20 Capital Group has been extremely helpful in identifying and executing on a variety of business and corporate development activities for our company.

Morgan O'Brien, Fmr CEO of Peoples Natural Gas, Pittsburgh, PA

Double-quote icon20/20 Capital Group was instrumental in assisting our firm raise several rounds of equity capital, as well as develop an automated syndicate of project lenders to assist our customers fund our projects.

Troy Geanopolus, CEO, The Efficiency Network, Inc. (TEN), Pittsburgh, PA

Double-quote iconThomas Hurkmans was extremely helpful in identifying Chester Engineers as an acquisition candidate, and served as a terrific "wing-man" to me as we negotiated the acquisition and related financing.

Robert O. Agbede, CEO, Chester Engineers, Pittsburgh, PA

Double-quote icon20/20 Capital Group opened up a strategic dialog with a well-positioned strategic partner, ultimately culminating in a strategic financing and commercial relationship.

Skip Hauser, CEO, Venture Management Group (VMG), Orlando, FL

Double-quote icon20/20 Capital Group was able to break up one of my (non Mylan Labs) invested companies, liberating more capital than any of the owners expected, and getting us off of all loan guarantees. Mr. Hurkmans was not always popular with all of the executives, but he pushed through necessary changes.

Mike Puskar, Fmr CEO of Mylan Labs, Inc., Morgantown, WV

Double-quote icon20/20 Capital Group was able to lead finance, and then, ultimately liquidate, Depositsaver.com, a business venture I owned. Both the capital in, and the cash out, exceeded my expectations.

Jerry Conrad, CEO, Primary Knowledge, Inc., Irvine, CA

Double-quote icon20/20 Capital Group lead the effort at Chester Environmental to divest us of four underperforming business units, culminating in a near IPO, and ultimate sale of the remaining profitable unit, Chester Engineers, to US Filter. This series of transactions resulted in a win-win for all involved, and a massive capital gain.

Anthony F. Lisanti, Fmr CEO Chester Environmental Sewickley, PA

Double-quote iconMr. Hurkmans' reverse IPO, involving one of my communications technology companies, merged with a small publicly-listed company, in a brief transaction which enhanced our visibility and valuation, and created exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Only Tom could have conjured up such an unusual approach!

Jerry Conrad, Fmr Chairman & CEO, Coyote Communications/Quentra Networks, Inc.

Double-quote icon20/20 Capital was extremely helpful in helping me weave my way through the energy efficiency legislation in Pennsylvania, known as Act 129. Mr. Hurkmans' rigorous analysis helped us position to respond effectively to this important new law.

Morgan K. O'Brien, Fmr CEO of Duquesne Light Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Double-quote icon20/20 capital was extremely creative and persistent in helping me find a buyer for my business, and negotiating the best possible terms that were available to us in the marketplace. In addition, post closing follow up was effective and appreciated, and was not part of the original engagement

James Mehta, CEO CNOX, Inc.

Double-quote icon20/20 Capital Group arranged for the financing of E-Guage, TeamFUEL, and I-Aqua, on terms and with structures that got the job done.

Neal G. Taylor, Esq. C-level Executive, Change Agent and Entrepreneur

Double-quote iconMr. Hurkmans planted a seed with me and our senior management that resonated for several years, and culminated in the combination of our small utility with a much larger utility, using the strongest asset we had (but the hardest to understand), as a business transaction fulcrum. We are indebted to his insight and foresight.

Terry F. Steinbecker, President & CEO, St. Joseph Light & Power Company

Double-quote iconMr. Hurkmans was dogged in his determination to get the best deal possible for his client. He was, at times, a PIA to negotiate with, but he was a most worthy counter-party. The company he sold us worked out very well. All is well that ends well - so his client benefitted from his PIA distinction!

Richard Heckmann, Founder & CEO, U.S. Filter Corp.

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