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Mr. Acosta is a Vice President of 20/20 Capital Group. Mr. Acosta has over thirty years of manufacturing, operations, and financial experience.

His business and professional background prior to joining 20/20 Capital Group includes roles as General Manager, Finance Manager, Engineer, and Director of Operations for world-class organizations, including General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, and ABB.

Mr. Acosta's technical background includes implementation experience in all manufacturing, quality, and operational disciplines. His specific areas of expertise are LEAN, Six Sigma, supply chain management, JIT, TPS, SPC, TQC, Kanban, Kaizen, ISO-9000, 5-S, RoHS, and IPC-A-610, among others.

In addition to directly running manufacturing facilities of various sizes, Mr. Acosta also has experience in the contract manufacturing industry from both sides of the business relationship. As Director of Operations at ABB, he started an in-house contract manufacturing operation to supplement ABB's original OEM business. As General Manager at Lutron, Mr. Acosta developed a sub-contract relationship with a low labor-cost contract manufacturer in the Dominican Republic and off-loaded labor intensive manufacturing to them.

Finally, Mr. Acosta has shared his knowledge and experience with young professionals by teaching Managerial Accounting, Personal Finance, and Auditing at Belmont College.

Mr. Acosta has an Electrical Engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Tulane University. He has traveled extensively, and is bilingual in English and Spanish.