Annie Kim

Junior Financial Analyst

Portrait of Annie Kim

Annie Kim is a Junior Financial Analyst with the 20/20 Capital Group. Ms. Kim has experience in financial analysis and marketing for small businesses. Additionally, she possesses strong programming and data analysis skills, with professional proficiency in JavaScript, R and Excel, among others.

Ms. Kim is pursuing a B.S. degree in Business Administration with an additional degree in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. At Carnegie Mellon, Ms. Kim serves as a mentor to aspiring business students in the CMU Business Association, and is a member of the Carnegie Mellon American Marketing Association.

During the academic year, Ms. Kim is a Teaching Assistant in CMU’s Tepper School of Business. In this capacity, she helps undergraduate students improve their communication skills, in support of their continued academic and professional development. Ms. Kim leads group discussions and projects for students, and works with them in a collaborative learning environment where they are able to receive useful feedback.

In addition to her undergraduate activities, and in her free time, Annie enjoys soccer, lacrosse, and other physical sports. Ms. Kim is originally from Perry Hall in Maryland, and attended Perry Hall High School, where she graduated within the top two percent of her graduating class and played on the state champion varsity soccer team.