Lucas Bittig

Junior Financial Analyst

Portrait of Lucas Bittig

Lucas Bittig is a Junior Financial Analyst with the 20/20 Capital Group, LLC. Mr. Bittig is adept in financial modeling and data analysis. He also has proficiency in sensitivity analysis and the creation of data tables, which are used, on behalf of clients, to adjust for uncertainty in financial projections, and to quantify the financial and operational deviations from expected outcomes.

Mr. Bittig is finishing up his last year, in his pursuit of a B.S. degree in Business Administration, and a minor in Decision Science, from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Mr. Bittig was so accomplished in his work at CMU, that he will finish his BS in three years (versus the more common four years). Mr. Bittig is actively engaged in university-sanctioned tutoring of CMU/Tepper classmates in, among other subjects, finance and decision analytics.

Mr. Bittig enjoys participating in intramural sports, including football and ultimate frisbee. Mr. Bittig believes that sports are a valuable way to connect with others, improve communication, and increase leadership and teamwork, which he applies in his work with the 20/20 Capital Group, and its clients. Additionally, Mr. Bittig is a former member of the Carnegie Mellon University track team, where he was a successful short sprinter and long jumper.

Mr. Bittig is originally from Metro-West Boston, MA, and attended Medway High School. Mr. Bittig graduated among the top ten students in his class, scored exceptionally well on his SAT/ACT exams, and competed successfully in track at the state, regional, and national levels.