H.W. 'Skip' Hauser, via Venture Management Group, LLC

Board Member
of 20/20 Capital Group

Portrait of H.W. 'Skip' Hauser

Mr. Hauser is the founder and CEO of Venture Management Group, LLC (VMG).

Mr. Hauser and his team at VMG identify struggling (but promising) companies, invest in them, and grow and assist in developing them into more profitable, self-directed companies.

At Present, VMG has investments in approximately six companies, all of which are located in the eastern U.S., and operate within a variety of industries such as technology, manufacturing, and services and construction.

One major successful exit from the VMG portfolio is CMS Mechanical Services LLC, DBA, as CMS Nextech. Founder, Bob Bull, with initial seed funding provided by VMG, grew the business from a one-person operation providing HVAC services to small businesses, into a thriving independent company that has become one of the leading providers of HVAC services in the country with 160,000 commercial customers in 39 states.

VMG and its affiliates also own passive stakes in and take on advisory roles in the operation of several commercial and industrial real estate holdings in Florida. Mr. Hauser and VMG have previously invested in several of 20/20 Capital Group's CEO's businesses.